Garnier Pores Refining Face Tissue Mask With Pure Charcoal & Seaweed

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Tissue Mask:

This new breakthrough technology from Asia offers a double purifying and hydrating efficacy that clears skin without drying it out. A true innovation, this mask is infused with Natural Charcoal, a traditional beauty remedy known for its excellent absorbing properties. It catches impurities that can clog pores from the surface of your skin. Enriched with Black Seaweed extract, LHA and Hyaluronic Acid, it visibly reduces pores and purifies the skin while leaving it hydrated.

Suitable for sensitive skin. Without paraben. No rinsing.


1. Begin by thoroughly cleansing your skin.

2. Gently unfold the mask.

3. Carefully apply the black tissue mask to clean skin. Make sure the protective film is facing outwards. Smooth on gently to ensure the whole mask is in contact with the skin.

4. Remove the protective film.

5. Adjust the contours of the tissue mask to match up with your facial features. Leave on for 15 minutes.

6. After 15 minutes, begin to remove the mask by slowly peeling from the edges.

7. Once you’ve removed the mask, massage any excess serum into the skin, or use a cotton pad to remove.

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