Grandstream UCM6300A IP PBX Phone

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Grandstream, UCM6300A, IP PBX Phone,

  • Supports up to 250 users and up to 50 simultaneous calls

  • Provide zero configuration for Grandstream SIP endpoints.

  • Supports instant messaging (IM), voice conferencing and web conferencing from PCs, mobile devices, and SIP endpoints.

  • The free Wave app makes it easy to exchange voicemail and IM using desktop computers, the web and Android / iOS.

  • API is available for third-party integration, including CRM and PMS platforms.

  • Advanced security with secure boot, special certificate and default password to protect calls and accounts.

  • Three Gigabit RJ45 network ports with automatic sensor and PoE + and NAT router support

  • Automatic NAT firewall crossing facilitates remote connections.

  • Increases reliability with support for high frequency and high availability for two deployments.

  • Up to 50% support for Opus Full range audio codec, anti-vibration, packet loss.

  • Compatible with GDMS for cloud-based configuration, management and monitoring


GRP2604 Overview:

The Grandstream UCM6300A Audio IP PBX enables businesses to build reliable and scalable communication and collaboration solutions. Grandstream IP PBX is a platform that integrates important business communication needs, including voice, instant messaging (IM), voice meetings, web voice meetings, data, analytics, mobility, facility access, internal communication and more.
The Grandstream UCM6300A Audio IP PBX supports up to 250 users and includes an integrated instant messaging (IM) system, an audio / web conference platform and a free Wave application that allows users to communicate and collaborate from desktop computers, mobile devices, IP phones. And other SIP endpoints. Supports UCM RemoteConnect cloud service for remote users by providing an excellent IP-platform platform that combines local IP PBX management with remote access and cloud solution for system management. Providing an advanced integrated communication and collaboration solution with mobility, security, instant messaging, voice conferencing and collaboration tools, the UCM6300 Audio Series provides a robust business communication platform for any enterprise.


Simple, Powerful and Economic:

The Grandstream UCM6300A provides unique and affordable IP PBX for voice communications, as well as for corporate discussion, web conferencing, analysis and more. The UCM6300A supports up to 250 users and 50 simultaneous calls, and the built-in conference bridge supports up to 3 conference rooms and 50 participants. The Grandstream UCM6300 Audio Series is a fully integrated communication solution that works on devices including Android and iOS.
Includes automatic NAT firewall to protect your UCM6300A connections - enterprise level security. It has 3 GB Ethernet ports with PoE+ support. The phone system is compatible with GDMS for cloud-based configuration and management.


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